HB9EYZ - ISS - Passes & Packets Overview - BETA



Actual Position ISS

Pass Dates JN37VL
- pass-data retrieved by API "Get radio passes" from N2YO.com
- StartUCT, StartAz etc: based on Locator JN37VL
- green flight path of the ISS retrieved by "Get satellite positions"
    Path always west to east
- recording starts 3 minutes before StartUTC
    and ends 3 minutes after EndUTC
- red flight path: calculation based on pass-data
    and shows the approximate flight path
- attention: ISS-Call RS0ISS -> NA1SS! issfanclub.eu

AutoUpdate: Update map every 15 seconds.

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Click 'List Dates' entry:    ISS-Pass + Stations
Mouseover Station:    Call + Timestamps + Packets
Click Station / IGATE:    Signal-Path + SAT IGATES + Link to aprs.fi
Mouseover Signal-Path:    UP/DOWN + Timestamps + Distance
Mouseover IGATE:    Call

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